kissing dog : It is normal for many people owning pets to regard them as part of their family. This is usually the reason a number of people find it normal to kiss their pets living together

Why kissing dog  ?

with them under one roof. However, have you ever asked yourself about the dangers of kissing your dog?

Is your dog’s mouth cleaner enough as you think?

Marty Becker, the author of the “Chicken Soup for the Soul of the Dog Owner,” turns down this claim, citing the unhygienic lifestyle that dogs live. When you keenly study a dog’s movement, you will realize that it likes raiding the garbage can looking for food. The garbage can is normally associated with dirt and food left overs that are considered unclean and unsafe for consumption. Most dogs have unpleasant smelly mouths. Also, when you carefully monitor how dogs interact with fellow dogs, you will realize that they give a peck on the rear end as compared to humans who give each other a peck on the cheek.

can a dog get a cold : What to Do If You See a Dog Left Out in the Cold

Can a dog get a cold : It is usually heartbreaking to see pets stay outside during the winter. Is there a way of helping that helpless dog left alone in the cold? You can’t just ignore the sight of seeing

Can a dog get a cold :

dog shivering in the cold even if it doesn’t belong to you. The following are some of the things to do in case you come along such a situation;

  1. Building a close relationship with the owner of the dog

The Marley’s Hope Dog Rescue’s founder, Darlene Grady-Lunn explains why those keeping their dogs outside prefer doing so. The main reason according to her is the fact that these people have adopted the practices of their families who have always done so. She further goes ahead to say that;


2. Leaving a note

Leaving a note to the owner of a dog would significantly help in giving advice. Constable B. Gray, a member of the Edmonton Humane Society, concurs that conversations would really help in the case where a blow on the door seems dangerous or awkward. Primarily, cold weather guidance can be offered through written information, for example, the PDF version covering the Edmonton Humane Society Winter Safety Guidelines.

Officer grey states the importance of leaving the pamphlet in a mail box explaining that the owner is prompted to change the way of handling his or her dog as there is someone somewhere watching them.

3. Calling your regional animal control department

In the event you notice that a dog is in immediate danger, it is wise to call the Animal Control. A brochure is not usually enough. Provide a correct address to the local authorities as well as the information regarding the presence or absence of the dog owners at home and what the dog can access regarding food, water and accommodation.

Grey goes ahead to state the importance of providing complete and precise information as the authorities are normally moved with calls concerning dogs left out in extreme weather. He says that a number of people usually think that a dog’s barking is a sign of distress when in real sense; this might not be the case.

4. Building a dog’s shelter

Despite being cheap, plastic domes and plywood boxes are normally inefficient as they don’t keep a dog completely protected from cold. It is preferable to construct a complete dog house to enhance the safety of the dog.

5. Being persistent

Despite not technically breaking the law, it is very unfair to leave a dog in the cold. Grady-Lunn, a member of the Marley’s Hope advices anyone who has a caring heart to never give up on taking care of a dog that is abandoned outside as they might be the only people that understand the suffering a dog is undergoing.


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